Humans Determine How Dog Food Tastes
Did you ever wonder how dog and cat food manufactures know their food tastes good? They can’t trust dogs because they will eat practically anything. They depend on humans to determine if the dog or cat food tastes good. It’s one of those jobs you may not have known ab…
Human Skull Found at Texas Goodwill Store
You go to Goodwill to find a good deal and sometime an unusual item you never thought you would find. In a North Austin, Texas, Goodwill store a most unusual item was found, a human skull.
Early Man Ate More Like Monkey’s Than Human’s
A few years ago scientists found the skeletal remains and tools of early man. The remains were found in a South African cave about 30 miles northeast of Johannesburg and brought to the United States to study by a team of scientists from around the world. The facts of the study are now coming out and…