Ice fishing

MUST SEE: Maine Redneck Fishing Machine
This is absolutely mind-blowing how these dubbahs in Mt. Vernon created the World's Largest Redneck Fishing Machine. They utilized a kids bike, ironing boards, a 12 volt battery and more unused stuff from the yahd. There's even a friggin' catapult!
Maine Cliched In One Photo
It's the time of year where we earn our tag "Vacationland." People flock here to indulge in lobster, hike many of our trails, and bask in the sunshine on the rocky coast. Over the last few weeks, I've seen the hash #iliveinapostcard more than once. Yet, is the above what …
Only 26 Weeks Until Winter...Top 5 Things To Look Forward To
Today marks the first day of summer, and also marks the longest day of the year. While this is great for lovers of hot weather, it's also easy to forget this is a GREAT day for those who prefer winter. For the first time, the days are getting shorter, and we're that much closer to the foll…
Winter Family Fun Days At Maine’s State Parks
I am not a winter person. I don't enjoy driving in the snow, I don't enjoy being cold, I not thrilled with shoveling snow. But, I live in Maine, so I try to embrace the best out of winter. You and your family can enjoy what winter in Maine has to offer with the Winter Family Fun Days at Ma…

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