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Andy Capwell's 'American Idol' Update
'American Idol' is less than a month away from crowning it's final winner as the 15th season is going at a breakneck pace. The final eight contestants take part in four duets. Then we learn who America voted as the top five and then the bottom three sing for survival!
Andy Capwell's 'American Idol' Update
The final season of 'American Idol' kicked into overdrive as the top ten will be decided in part by the judges and America. Keith Urban, Jennifer Lopez and Harry Connick Jr. opened the show by advancing four contestants automatically into the top ten. That left ten contestants to sing for …
An Unlikely Country Star Found On American Idol?
'American Idol' season 14 rolls along with the auditions. Last night Keith Urban, Jennifer Lopez and Harry Connick Jr. were evaluating the talent in Minneapolis, Minnesota. One contestant came into to audition and it ended up being quite a surprise.
A Tight Pants Showdown With Jimmy Fallon, Jennifer Lopez
Imagine a mythical land -- a small town, really -- where there's only room for just one inhabitant to sport some tight, tight pants. How would people challenge each other for tight-pants supremacy? Last night on 'The Tonight Show,' just such a showdown hit the screen, when host Jimmy …

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