Woman Sueing eBay Over Selling Plots on the Sun
A woman in Spain, Maria Duran, is suing eBay because they will not allow her to sell the ‘sun’ on their website. She had been selling 11 square-foot plots for $1 each and had received 600 orders before eBay shut her down.
Actress Mila Kunis Sued Over a Chicken
Talk about holding a grudge. A childhood friend of actress Mila Kunis is suing here over a pet chicken. Kristina Karo says 25 years ago she and Kunis were best friends, inseparable, together all the time.
Portland Native Suing CBS and Sony Entertainment
Portland, Maine native Victoria Rowell, portrayed the character Drucilla Winters on the CBS soap opera 'The Young & The Restless' for 17 years. She is now claiming in a lawsuit that she was ostracized by the show's producers because she criticized the program's lack of di…
Another Lawsuit From Taylor Swift's Lawyers
Taylor Swift has another lawsuit in the works, well her lawyers do, and it’s over guitar lessons. Ronnie Cramer, who gave Swift guitar lessons twice a week and introduced her to music- technology programs, is the one her lawyers are getting in touch with.
Aunt Jemima's Family Sues Quaker Oats
On behalf of their family, the great-grandsons of the women who is the face of Aunt Jemima are suing PepsiCo and Quaker Oats. Quaker Oats are the makers of Aunt Jemima pancake syrup and mixes and their grandmother has been the face of the company since 1935.
Facebook Post Cost Man $80,000
Patrick Snay was the former head of a private preparatory school in Miami. At the age of 69, his contract with Gulliver Preparatory School wasn't renewed, which led to a legal battle.
In November 2011, Snay and the school reached an agreement in which Snay would receive $10,000 in back pay and $80,00…