Turn Junk Mail Into Burning Logs For Your Fire
If you heat your home with wood or some other type of burning material, here is something else you can use. This is also a great way to get rid of all the junk mail you receive. Turn your junk mail into burning logs of paper. Check it out.
Do You Still Mail Christmas Cards?
With technology these days, many of us send an e-card, or a Facebook message, instead of writing out a Christmas card and addressing an envelope and actually putting a stamp on it and mailing it out.
USPS Wants Kids to Write Postcards
I went to the post office in Clinton yesterday to get the stamps for sending my Christmas cards. I loved the different options they have every year for the Christmas stamps. This year they had poinsettias and gingerbread houses. But what caught my eye was on the counter next to the boxes.
No Mail on Saturdays
Members of Maine’s congressional delegation are not that thrilled with the U.S. Postal Service’s idea to cut out Saturday mail delivery. They feel it would hurt rural communities and Maine is mostly a rural state.
Don’t Forget Postage!
Never fails. You have all the cards written out, inserted the family photo and the note explaining everything that happened in the past year. But what don't you have enough of? Stamps!