Waterfalls For the Midlife Crisis
I love to be outdoors and in nature, frequent trails in Maine and New Hampshire with my dogs and I'm in relatively good shape for a 46 year old woman but, I have never hiked one of the 4000 foot mountains to the top nor have I ever repelled from anything in my life, at least not on purpose. I a…
World Record: Dave the Earthworm
Dave the giant earthworm has set a new world record. Dave is about as long as a standard bowling pin is tall and weighs as a small chocolate bar.
Take A Day Trip To Gulf Hagas
Maine has so many places that even the natives might not know about. Maine is a great state for day trips and with summer here, maybe a family day trip is in your future. Here's one day trip that you might want to take, Gulf Hagas, is often called the Grand Canyon of Maine.
Has This Been A Severe Allergy Season?
Allergies have never really bothered in the past, so this past week or so, when all of sudden I was hit with a stuffed up nose and watery eyes, I didn't realize that allergies were affecting me this year.
Class on How to Poop in the Woods
The city of Chattanooga, Tennessee is hosting free workshop called ‘How to Poop in the Woods’. The workshop in organized by Outdoor Chattanooga because it doesn’t want the city to have negative impact on your sense of smell.

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