New York

New Record For Running Across America
How about this for a new record, running across America in record time. Leaving San Francisco on September 12 and arriving in New York on October 24. Pete Kostelick did it.
Maine Highways Ain't So Bad
Having traveled from Maine to Pennsylvania recently I have to say some of the best highways I travels on where right here in Maine.
Three Judges Hear NFL's Appeal of Deflategate
I can’t believe they are digging this up again. Deflategate is back and yesterday at the 2nd U.S. District Court of Appeals in New York three judges were hearing the appeal. The NFL is appealing to reinstate Tom Brady’s four-game suspension for supposedly deflating fo…
Unique New Year's Eve 'Drops' Around the Country
The big New Year celebration is in New York’s Time Square with the ‘ball drop’. You don’t have to travel to the Big Apple on New Year’s to watch something drop. Check-out these ‘unique’ items that are dropped…
Should Sites Like Draft Kings Be Banned?
New York attorney general Eric Schneiderman wrote industry giants Draft Kings and Fan Duel in a cease-and-desist letter.
Schneiderman has ordered Fan Duel and Draft Kings to cease and desist all wagers from New York residents saying the sites constitute illegal gambling under New York state law. This…
Hernia Operation Turns Into a $7 Million Lottery Winner
Here’s a feel good story that turned a hernia operation into $7 million and the man didn’t have to sue anybody. Joseph Amorese of Eaton, Pennsylvania was in the hospital recovering from hernia surgery when he got a get well card from his father.

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