Women to Give Birth in the Ocean With Dolphins
A resident of Hawaii, Dorina Rosin, is planning to give birth in the ocean surrounded by dolphins. A British reality show on unique births, will video tape the event for their show called ‘Extraordinary Birth’.
Its O.K. to Pee in Ocean
Something people have been doing for years just got conformation from the American Chemical Society, its O.K. to pee in the ocean! They point out that urine is 95% water and whatever else is in it doesn’t pose a threat to ocean life.
Florida Couple Floats in Ocean 13 Hours Rescued
A couple in Florida had to tread water in the ocean for 13 hours after they fell off the back of their boat. Sean McGovern of Key Largo and Mellisa Morris visiting from Texas were off the coast of Key Largo when the fell off the back of their boat. The boat was in gear and just kept motoring away.
12 Men on the Moon, 2 Men in The Deepest Ocean
Water covers nearly 75% of the Earth yet there have been more men to land on the moon than have gone to the deepest depth of the ocean. The deepest part of the ocean is the Marianna Trench and only two men have ever traveled there, 12 have gone to the moon.
Webcams Attached to Sharks to Better Understand Them
Marine biologists at the University of Hawaii and the University of Tokyo have attached webcams to the fins of sharks in the hope to study their habits. Thirty sharks of various types were fitted with the webcams that include a camera, sensors and VHF transmitters.
Studies Indicate the Closer We are to the Ocean the Better We Feel
Recent studies by the University of Exeter in England suggest that living near the ocean may be good for your health.  Lori Fleming says studies show spending time at the ocean has positive effects on your health and well-being, which has been the thought for many years, but now studies seem to…