Andy Capwell Needs Your Advice
I'm turning 50 years old on September 22nd. I'll admit it's bothering me just a little bit, but I really am hoping for my good friends and family are planning a fun day to mark the occasion.
The Bee's Andy Capwell Getting Ready For Vacation
Last week I asked Bee Nation for ideas on making my vacation kickoff party a success, for those who are good friends of mine, they now I am famous at throwing some uneventful parties. You guys commented with plenty of great ideas and yesterday I took some time and found some fun games that I think w…
Andy Capwell Needs Your Party Advice
For those you know me, when I plan a party, they are usually as exciting as going to DMV to renew your drivers license. That doesn't stop me from trying, much like Charlie Brown trying to kick that football.
Bachelor Party Discovers Dinosaur Skull
A bachelor party out to have a good time before their friend got married made an ancient fossil discovery by mistake. Most bachelor parties don’t go driving through Elephant Butte State Park in New Mexico, but Antonio Gradillas and friends did and what a discovery.