Wrap a Christmas Present in 15 Seconds
Buying a gift for the holiday is stressful enough but after your purchases you have wrap all the presents and that can take a lot of time. There is technique that may help you cut time off of gift wrapping. It comes from an employee of a department Store in japan that shows how to wrap a present in …
Sharon’s Present Finally Came!
My birthday was Sunday and I told Chad I didn't need anything for my birthday but cake and family. And that's exactly what I got...and a couple other things.
But the final gift didn't come until yesterday. And I am so glad it did!
Sharon’s Very Special Gift From Bradley and Jayden
While at the Fryeburg Fair, there were so many vendors there! They were selling everything from clothes, sunglasses, shoes, name it!
As I was waiting in line for Anderson to finish his ride on the helicopters, Chad took Bradley and Jayden to look at some vendors.
And came back with a surpri…
Sharon Has a Surprise for Randy’s Birthday!
Every once in a while people mention things that are old memories, fond memories of the past. I listen to those things and try to remember them for certain occasions.
Like, when Chad and I went shopping and he mentioned he liked a certain something, I will make a note of what it was and try and plan …
National Re-Gifting Day
Today, December 20th, is National Re-Gifting Day, you know those presents you receive that are so ‘memorable’, you just want to get rid of so you don’t remember them. The day is held on the third Thursday of December because it’s the biggest…