Mom Faceplants During Wedding Proposal
This happened on a lake in Michigan during a marriage proposal. The sister of the bride to be knew her boyfriend was going to propose so she was shooting video. The mother of the bride to be took a faceplant in the sand before the proposal, but that didn’t stop the boyfriend.
Man Fakes Selfie to Propose
This guy decided to propose to his girlfriend by faking the taking of a selfie of the two of them. You can tell by her reaction she has no idea what was going on, until she caught on. Her reaction is priceless.
Sharon Buck and Thompson Square Interact on Twitter!
All of you know that Chad and I LOVE Thompson Square! The song 'Are You Gonna Kiss Me or Not' is OUR song. We've sung it together at home, at gigs and, heck, he proposed to me with the song! Even bought me the book for my birthday!
They are a fantastic duo. You should have seen us watching the CMA Aw…
Best Wedding Proposal!
You may have seen the BEST Wedding Proposal on YouTube. It has over 19,000,000 views!
She DID say yes....
But do you know what happened AFTER?