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Mike the Headless Chicken Lives for 18 Months
In September 1945, Life Magazine ran a story about ‘Mike the Headless Chicken', also known as ‘Miracle Mike”. Lloyd Olson, the owner of the rooster, was sent out by his wife, Clara, to get a chicken for the evening meal.  He headed to the barnyard to behea…
Holiday Tipping Guide
This time of year, a lot of people are wondering what type of gift or tip should they give service workers. People like babysitters, day care providers, sanitation workers or mail delivers. Whatever you give, you should always put it in a card. Here’s a guild line to follow for tippi…
Wrap a Christmas Present in 15 Seconds
Buying a gift for the holiday is stressful enough but after your purchases you have wrap all the presents and that can take a lot of time. There is technique that may help you cut time off of gift wrapping. It comes from an employee of a department Store in japan that shows how to wrap a present in …
Self-Gifting a New Trend During Christmas
Something that has been building for a couple of years and now has reached an all-time high is ‘self-gifting’. There has been a 27% jumping in the last 5 years of people buying gifts for their own personal use. They usually spend $237 on self-gifting.
Randy's College Football Wrap Up, Army-Navy
The big football game this weekend was the annual Army-Navy game. Navy beat Army 17-10 making it 13 wins in a row over the Black Knights. With the win, Navy coach Ken Niumatalolo became the winningest coach in Navy history at 56-35.
Some of the Top Favorite Board Games
We were talking about some of the greatest board games of all time and a few came to mind as my favorite. I was wondering where they came in on the list of all-time favorites, so here is a list. Of course, everyone has their favorite board games.
How the Poinsettia is Attached to Christmas
Poinsettia Day is celebrated on December 12, it is also known as the flower of Christmas but wasn’t always that way. The poinsettia is native to Mexico and goes back to the Aztecs who used them for flowers, cosmetics, to make purple dye and medicines.
Bill Murray Out For Ghostbusters 3
When word came out this year the a Ghostbusters 3 movie was building momentum and the original cast members would be back it seemed hard to believe. Not that a Ghostbusters 3 would be made, but the original cast would be back.

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