Ballot Selfies: Is It Legal?
Selfies and Election Day, it was a combination just waiting to happen. Election Day 2016 is all the buzz with Donald Trump versus Hillary Clinton and the selfie craze is still going strong. However, is it legal to take a selfie with your filled out ballot and to post it on social media? It depends w…
Man Fakes Selfie to Propose
This guy decided to propose to his girlfriend by faking the taking of a selfie of the two of them. You can tell by her reaction she has no idea what was going on, until she caught on. Her reaction is priceless.
Man Doesn't See Whale Because of Cell Phone
People are really into their phones these days, texting and taking photos (or selfies) seems to be the things that distract them. They are so into their phones they often miss things that are going on around them. Check out this video and you’ll see what I mean:
Queen of England Says No to Selfies
The Queen of England has weighed in on selfies; she finds them disconcerting and strange. She believes that selfies take away from the value of human contact and thinks they are an example of bad manners. She was basically saying she misses eye contact.

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