Kid Snacks Even Adults Can Eat
While at work the other day my co-worker Cooper just happened to see the stockpile of Go-Go Squeeze Apple sauces I have on my desk for those days I get extra hangry (a mix between hungry and angry).
"Aren't those for kids" he asked.
If you could have seen my face, I don't k…
Melt-Resistant Ice Cream
As you know ice cream melts on a hot summer day...until now.
Researchers in Canada have found a way to slow down the melting process while icreasing its shelf life and smoothness. It comes from adding a tiny cellulose fibers from banana plants...
Things You Can Do With Rice Krispies!
I know it's not going to be good on my diet, but this is really cool!
Kellogg's Rice Krispies made a splash when they came out with Rice Krispie squares.
But did you know there are so many more things to do with them?