Maine Couple Finds 3 Foot Python in Shower
Ashley Harnden said her boyfriend found a snake as he was getting ready for work around 4 a.m. Wednesday. What do you do when getting ready for work, jump in the shower. Maybe not this morning though.
Police Spot 10-foot Snake On The Loose In Westbrook
The story first made news a week or two ago when a woman called the Westbrook Police Department and said she saw a snake as large as a truck with a head the size of a small ball. That was followed up by a second sighting near a playground along the Presumpscot River. Now a Westbrook police offi…
Snake Expert Dies of Snake Bites
Dierter Zorn from Germany is an expert on snakes and travels Europe making presentations to help people get over their fear of the reptiles. While in Southern France recently, things didn’t go very well for Zorn.
Giant Snake Opens Door!
I don't mind the garden snakes in my woodpile or curled up alongside the flower garden. In fact, Brad and Anderson caught a good one yesterday! That's my boys!