snow storm

Cary, Maine Received 30 Inches of Snow in 24 Hours
National Weather Service says the Maine town of Cary has recorded 30 inches of snow during in 24 hours. It’s one of several towns in the state that will remember the latest winter storm mostly for the massive amounts of snow they received.
Dome Collapses In Orono
There are storms, and then there is the Nor'easter that just rolled through Maine.
I went to bed fairly early last night (around 10) and there wasn't much happening in Augusta. But we got walloped overnight. And apparently, so did the rest of the State...
Snow Storm Heading Towards Maine
Just after CMP and work crews from out of state have restored the vast majority of power to the over 123,000 customers that had lost it to the ice storm last weekend, more heavy, wet snow is heading towards Maine.