Five Country Songs/Videos To Honor Our Veterans
The election is over (finally) and Friday is Veterans Day.
With all the hate in this never ending political war in the US, it is time to show some love and thank a US veteran for their service to this country.
Country music has always been the soundtrack for our men and women who serve, as country sta…
What's The Best Song About Maine? has put together a list of the 'Best Song About All 50 US States'.
Thrillist is a website that labels itself as ‘a leading men’s digital lifestyle brand’, listed what they deemed the best songs about each of the 50 states...
Maine's Official Song: 'The State of Maine Song'
The State of Maine has an official song that was written, words and music, by Roger Vinton Snow. It's called 'State of Maine Song'. Officially adopted as the official state song on March 30, 1937.

Here is the official State of Maine Song performed by Millinocket group, Dot an…
The 50 Best Driving Songs Of All Time
The culture website came up with their list of 'The 50 Best Driving Songs of All Time.' Country music is represented on the list with The Eagles 'Take It Easy' at # 21 and Willie Nelson came in at #4 with 'On The Road Again'.
Song Stuck in Your head? Chew Gum
You wake up in the morning and you have a song stuck in your head, what to do? New research suggests chew gum. You could be humming a tune anytime of the day, over and over again, and it’s driving you crazy, well, chew gum.

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