Stupid Challenge

The Tin Can Challenge
Randy and Sarah were challenged to do the Tin Can Challenge.  What is it?  They had to eat a spoonful of food out of unmarked tin cans.  If they ate it, they got a point.  Spit it out?  They lose a point.  See just how successful they were.
Stupid Challenge
'Spoon Frog' was recently suggested to McCoy & Dyer as a stupid challenge.  It didn't disappoint and was really in fact a stupid challenge.  Cups flew.  Spoons flew.  Nobody was a winner in this hilarious challenge.  Bravo to Kelsey from Winslow on thi…
Saltine Challenge
McCoy & Dyer have been trying popular challenges that you see on the internet.  So far they have done the butt cup challenge and the egg challenge.  Today they attacked the saltine challenge.  How difficult can a saltine challenge be?