Auburn Police Looking for Help in Locating Missing Teen Girl
Auburn Police are looking are looking for 15-year old Lily Swearingen of Auburn. She was reported missing on Feb 27.
She is described at 5’4” and 90 pounds. She has shoulder-length black hair with hazel eyes. No other information is available at this time.
Teen Helps Man in Walker Shovel Snow
A High School senior in Nottoway County, Virginia did a good deed realizing someday he may need the favor returned. Tommy Adams was driving back from the DMV with his mother when he saw an elderly man shoveling snow.
Student Pulls Hilariously Awkward Staring Prank
You know how much we love pranks. We're not talking about the terrifying kind involving zombies; we're big fans of the innocent variety like posting a picture of a fake lotto ticket. These types of jokes are all in good fun, and they give us awesome ideas for our own everyday pranks. That&…
Teen Pawns Mom’s Jewelry to Pay For a Visit to a Brothel
There are times when it is necessary for a teenage boy to raid his mother’s panty drawer in an attempt to uncover her secret stash of cash so that he can skim off the top of it to finance any number of pimple-faced necessities including smut rags and the occasional chance at banging …

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