Grocery Store Chain Offering Turkey "Insurance"
If you've ever been the one responsible for cooking your family's Thanksgiving dinner, you've probably been at least a little concerned about the potential for screwing up the turkey.  It is the most important part of the meal, after all.  Admit it, you've had visions of the Christmas dinner scene f…
Sculpted Butter? Who Knew That Was Even A Thing..
I spent yesterday afternoon running around; the first stop was at my favorite hair salon for a little self-care, then it was off to get groceries. I know, you know, we all know, nothing about grocery shopping is fun. Although we can make anything and everything, we do fun if we have the right mindse…
Maine DOT’s New Thanksgiving Signs
If you are traveling on Maine's highways this Thanksgiving weekend you're likely to see 1 of these 4 electronic signs from the Maine Department of Transportation. They're so good and witty (we think) that we thought we'd share them with you in the event you don't see them on…
Thanksgiving Themed Movies
Thanksgiving is a time for family, football, food and relaxing. If you like to relax while watching a movie, here are the top turkey day movies according to Forbes.
Thanksgiving Food Rankings
What is your favorite part of your Thanksgiving dinner? Is it turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes? AOL made a list of dishes for Thanksgiving and where they rank.

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