What's The Most Hippie Town In Maine
When I say hippie what comes to your mind? Maybe VW vans, stoners, headbands, Woodstock, peace and love? did a fun post on the 'most hippie' towns in every state in the United States of America. So, which town did the choose for Maine?
Best States To Gain Weight in
Summer means food. You'll be out there grilling, eating pier fries at Old Orchard Beach, enjoying the summer beers, ales and hard teas and lemonades. That translates to gaining weight. I found an article on, where they ranked the fifty states on 'How much fun is it to get fat there?'
Sebago Lake, ME On Best Vacation Spot List
The summer vacation season starts in nine days, but who's counting? Maine is Vacationland and it seems like the word is out. The website has complied their list of the 'Best Vacation Spots in the US for Relaxing'. One Maine location made the list.
Portland Tops List Of Best Small Towns To Spend A Weekend
The United States has many great small towns and the website just came out with their list of 'The 25 Best Small US Cities To Spend The Weekend'. The staff went to thousands of US cities with under 90,000 in population and based their list of a fun three-day getaway from …
Things To Avoid At The Grocery Store
One of my favorite websites,, has an article where they talked with current and former grocery store workers, plus combed through some industry reports, and identified the grossest foods and biggest ripoffs in the industry. So, the next time you are grocery shopping you might want to t…

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