Andy Capwell's Money Saving Supermarket Secret
I love food. I love saving money. I actually enjoy grocery shopping. I will occasionally clip coupons from the Sunday newspaper, but I find that I usually spend more when I use coupons, because I buy things that I normally wouldn't. Here's one of my sure fire money saving supermarket secre…
Now That's a Big Tip for One Pizza
A group of real estate agents where holding an agents meeting in Ann Arbor, Michigan and ordered a pizza. Agents from Keller Williams Reality all pitched in to pay for the pizza and the tip. What a tip it was.
Holiday Tipping Guide
This time of year, a lot of people are wondering what type of gift or tip should they give service workers. People like babysitters, day care providers, sanitation workers or mail delivers. Whatever you give, you should always put it in a card. Here’s a guild line to follow for tippi…