No More Toilet Paper with the Bidet Buddy
Here’s a way to turn your ordinary toilet into a luxury bidet with the Bidet Buddy. They say the Buddy bidet hooks up in just minutes and requires no pipe cutting, tools or remodeling.
The Four Skills Every Man Should Know
What to be a ‘real man?’ According to Health and Fitness Cheat Sheet there are four skills every man should know. These are skills that may impress a first date or a skill you may be able to pass on to your son.
Facts About 'Flushing' During the Big Game
There has been an urban legend for years that sewage systems in major cities have broken, due to so many people flushing their toilets at half-time of the Big Game. The facts are, there has never been a city’s sewage system overloaded during the game. Makes Chocolate Bathroom has made a bathroom that is over 8 million calories. Say What? The bathroom is made of 100% pure Belgian chocolate and was made for a chocolate company in the U.K. called Choccywoccydoodah. It came about after an Executive noticed many people misspelled ‘suite&Close…
700 Year Old Community Toilet Found
One of the biggest archeology digs in Denmark has uncovered something archaeologists sort of stumbled on, 700 year old latrines that are in excellent shape. Such good shape the poo still smells as bad as ever.
Go on the Go
A three-wheeled motorcycle toilet is the latest invention from Japan for the “green” traveler. TOTO, the company behind the Toilet Bike Neo commode, hasn’t released a lot of information about the bio-gas fueled bike, but we know the toilet sits atop a three wheeled motorcycle, with receptacle tank b…