Is Twitter Heading The Way Of Friendster?
Remember when Twitter was the next to threaten Facebook's popularity? Yeah, FB took a well deserved public opinion beatdown when it adopted the hashtag. However, that's what Facebook does. It finds the trend another created, and adopts the concept. Right, Snapchat?
Hilarious Maine Tweets
Maine is an extremely unique state. I cannot say I would wish to have grown up anywhere else, but then again, I didn't grow up anywhere else so how can I be sure? However, I know I want my kids to experience everything I did. The changing from winter to spring and back again within a couple hou…
Hey Maine: Here’s Some Country News
When Season 5 of Nashville premieres on CMT Will Chase who plays Luke Wheeler will not be on the show. Chase is leaving the show to join the cast of Time After Time a new drama on ABC.
Maine’s Favorite Ice Cream Flavor Is…..?
Twitter research between March 1 and May 18 of this year, mapped out all fifty states and which ice cream flavors each state tweets about the most. Overall, more than 30 million tweets about ice cream were sent out during that time frame.

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