Southwest Board Patrol Needs Men's Underwear
The ICE or Immigration and Custom Enforcement office is in need of men’s underwear. Thousands of pairs of cotton briefs are need because of influx of detained immigrants awaiting deportation. Sizes are ranging from mediums to hundreds of 6x-large.
Men Buy Underwear Every Seven Years
A survey done in Great Britain says men, on average, keep their underwear for seven years. Not really earth-shattering news to most men and even though it’s an English study, it probably holds true for most of the so called ‘civilized’ world.
David Beckham #1 Underwear Model of the Century
Remember the underwear ads with David Beckham where he’s wearing nothing but underwear and showing off his built chest and six pack abs? The soccer icon has been named as the top underwear model of the century by Tommy Hilfiger.
Man Kills Stepfather Using Atomic Wedgie
In one of the most bizarre cases of murder, 33 year old Brad Lee Davis was charged with killing his stepfather by giving him an ‘atomic wedgie’. It was a drunken family fight at the house of Denver St. Clair east of Oklahoma City where the victim was suffocated by his own under…
Shreddies, the Underwear That Absorbs the Smell of Passing Gas
There is new underwear on the market made in Britain but it’s the American consumer that is the biggest buyer. Shreddies, the underwear that filters the stench of passing gas, the SBD, the one no one hears but they sure do smell. Shreddies use science to absorb the smell with a cloth…
Actor Gerard Butler Says Ice in His Underwear Cools Him Down
This may be more information you need to know about actor Gerard Butler, but to ward off he heat, he shoves ice in his underwear. He says when he’s shooting a film and weather is extremely hot, the ice in the underwear trick works to help cool him down. He says he learned the trick w…
An Elvis Auction
The shock of Elvis Presley passing away 25 years ago on August 16, 1977 sent the whole world in to disbelief. Since then, the Elvis Presley estate has been making more money each year than Elvis made when he was
alive. Whether the item to be auctioned off September 8th will bring in the kind of cash …