Pig Virus May Lead to Bacon Shortage
A virus that scientists believe came from China has killed millions of baby pigs and it may push the price of pork up by 10%. The virus is not harmful to humans or other animals, but is deadly to baby pigs and had already spread to 27 states. No one knows how it got into the country or how it spread…
Scientists Discover New Virus They Believe is From Mars
Scientists have discovered a new type of virus, the biggest they have ever seen, and it is 10 to hundreds of times bigger than any other known virus. Pandoraviruses are unlike any known virus because 93 percent of the genes don’t match any other virus known to man.
Can Beer Fight the Common Cold?
Can beer really be good for a cold? Yes!  According to a study by Sapporo University in Japan, a chemical compound found in beer hops can actually fight off the virus that causes pneumonia. The virus hits children, not yet of drinking age, the hardest, while adults experience less serious sympt…