NOT, The Perfect Christmas Presents
We are always looking for the perfect Christmas present for the one we love, coworkers and friends. Some people can come with the perfect gift for everyone while some people have a hard time picking out a gift.
The Timex Ironman Smartwatch
Timex has added a new watch to their Ironman line of GPS watches, it is a 3-G connected smartwatch. It’s called the Ironman One GPS + and is made mostly for athletes because you can run fitness data to a website so you can monitor your run in real time.
Google Going Ahead With Plans to Develope a Smartwatch
Google may be going ahead in developing a ‘smart watch’. It would, of course, be called ‘the Google Smart Watch’. In October of 2012 Google was granted a patent for a wrist watch (or smart watch) with a flip-up display. Even though the patent was granted m…