Mandatory Water Boil Order In East Vassalboro
According to a post on the Vassalboro Community Facebook page, several people have experienced issues with their water pressure.
One of those people reported she had received an email from her water company that explained the situation.
According to the listener, workers have been dealing with a major…
No More Toilet Paper with the Bidet Buddy
Here’s a way to turn your ordinary toilet into a luxury bidet with the Bidet Buddy. They say the Buddy bidet hooks up in just minutes and requires no pipe cutting, tools or remodeling.
Water On Earth Billions of Years Old
Scientists say, the water we are drinking today, dates to more than 4.5 billion years ago. Water molecules that make up drinking water on Earth are older than the solar system.
Its O.K. to Pee in Ocean
Something people have been doing for years just got conformation from the American Chemical Society, its O.K. to pee in the ocean! They point out that urine is 95% water and whatever else is in it doesn’t pose a threat to ocean life.

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