Weird and Wacky Hoilday's in January
At the beginning of every month people like to check the weird and wacky holiday calendar to see what is being celebrated. This type of holiday is loved simply for their strangeness and a way of looking ahead and planning a fun party.
Weird Product Names
We have been having fun with this product this week during the Morning Buzz. It's an actually product I found at Bed, Bath & Beyond called 'The Mangroomer'. I actually have the professional model.
Weird Hotels Around the World
With vacation time on the horizon you may be thinking about something a little different or unusual.  A place to lay your head where you say, “I stayed there’. Here are some off the strangest hotels in the world.
‘My Strange Addiction’…Gone Too Far?
There are some things I watch that gross me out but they are shows I like to watch, like Hoarders, Hoarders: Buried Alive and Dirty Jobs.
But I cannot stomach My Strange Addiction.
And this time, I think they've gone too far...YUCK!