'wining' around the world
If you hadn't already heard, a woman was banned from a Texas Wal-Mart for allegedly driving one of those electric carts around in the parking lot while drinking wine out of a Pringles can.
It Is Dandelion Season
As you can tell from looking around it is dandelion season, which starts when the grass starts getting green.  Personally I do not like dandelions on my lawn, so I use a weed and feed to get rid of them. You have to be careful on the type of spray or granules you use, but a quick trip to the hardwar…
Price Going Up on ‘Two Buck Chuck Wine’ in California
Charles Shaw wine is a bargain priced wine made primarily from California grapes and introduced exclusively at Trader Joe’s grocery stores in California. The low price of the wine, $1.99 a bottle, is how it got its nickname ‘Two Buck Chuck.’ In California ‘…

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