Log Truck Spills Its Load in Rumford
Have you ever been driving on a road in Maine with a fully loaded logging truck right next to you? A scary thought that if that load lets loose you’re screwed.
Turn Junk Mail Into Burning Logs For Your Fire
If you heat your home with wood or some other type of burning material, here is something else you can use. This is also a great way to get rid of all the junk mail you receive. Turn your junk mail into burning logs of paper. Check it out.
A Funny Tree Seen in the Woods
I have seen a lot of advertisements to 'discover the forest' lately. It is true you can see a lot of wonderful and beautiful things in nature. You can also find some sunny looking things in nature. Take a look at this tree and the way it grew.
Scientist Says Woodchips Can Be Converted into Food
During the winter I burn wood so I was very interested to hear there is a professor from Virginia Tech, Y.H. Percival Zhang, who says he has  developed a process that will convert wood chips into food. Basically he made a giant stomach and mixed in corn stalks, weeds, leaves and grass with diff…
Randy’s Almost Done Cutting Wood for the Winter
Seems like it’s been all summer I have been cutting wood getting ready for winter, but when I look back on it, June was so rainy I didn’t cut much then. July, August and now into September have been months where practically every weekend I was out cutting and splittin…
Wood Splitting for Winter
I was with talking to an elderly gentleman from Texas the other day who was on his first visit to Maine. The question he asked me was kind of surprising until I realized it’s always warm in Texas. He wanted to know what the big piles of wood are people have in their yards. He was referring to firewo…