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World Record: Dave the Earthworm
Dave the giant earthworm has set a new world record. Dave is about as long as a standard bowling pin is tall and weighs as a small chocolate bar.
World Record Bacon Eating Set at Daytona 500
One event that took place at this past weekend’s Daytona 500 that didn’t get a lot of publicity was a bacon eating contest. It too place before the race started and new world record was set.
Colorado Man Goes for Egg Balance Record
Brian Spotts of Denver, Colorado is a world record holder in ‘egg balancing’. This week, he is headed to China to try and break a world record live on TV. This month in Shanghai he will attempt to balance a dozen eggs in less than 75 seconds.
World’s Largest Paper Ball in Minnesota
In an effort to show citizens of Minnesota how much paper they waste and how important recycling is, they set a new world record. They made the largest paper ball ever assembled. In keeping with Guinness World Records guidelines, no adhesives or tape was used.
Poppy, the Oldest Cat in the World
The oldest cat in the world lives on the south coast of England, Poppy is 24 years old. In human years that’s 114. Poppy has lived long enough to see five prime ministers. The cat, a moggy, was officially named by the Guinness Book of World Records.
World Record Set for Walnut Breaking with Head
The Punjab Youth Festival in Lahore, Pakistan had a world record broken. It was a world record where ‘broken’ was the key word. It was breaking walnuts, 155 to be exact, 155 walnuts broken in one minute without using any tools.
New World Record Set for Jumping Cars…Backwards
Rob Dyrdek, who stars in MTV’s Fantasy Factory and has broken 21 skateboarding records including the longest board slide, has another record to his credit. It wasn’t a skateboard record this time; it was a car jumping record…backwards! It was the farthest rever…

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