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Randy's College Football Wrap Up
Two more bowl game played in this early part of the season. In the Poinsettia Bowl Navy beat San Diego State 17-16. Navy had a 13 yard gain on a crucial fourth down on the game-winning drive. It was a sloppy game by both teams with 7 turnovers in the game.
Randy's College Football Wrap Up Week 10
It’s already week 10 in college football and some were calling this week ‘elimination week’. Team vying for the top four spots in the first ever college football playoffs could not afford to lose this weekend. Unfortunately for one team in the top 5, they lost.
Randy's College Football Wrap Up Week 5
In week 5 of college football it looked, for a while, there was going to be a new number one team. In the end the #1 Florida State Seminoles do what number teams do, come from behind to win. With their 56-41 win over North Carolina State, FSU has the nation’s longest winning streak a…
Randy's College Football Wrap Up
Week 3 of college football had #1 Florida State with a bi-week and there were only two teams in the top twenty-five that played each other. There was a bit of an upset in that game and another upset in the top ten. Here we go:
Randy's College Football Wrap Up
Week one of college football had some big match ups, match ups that could determine a team’s season and their chance to play in the four team playoff at the end of the year.  Here’s a look at the first week and the top 25.
Randy’s College Football Wrap Up and the New Playoff System
It was the final game of the BCS era: #1 Florida State took on #2 Auburn for the National Championship. Next year, the BCS will be out and a playoff system will be in. The top 4 teams, according to the season final rankings, will determine the top four teams for the playoffs. The number one seed wil…
Randy’s College Football Wrap Up
There were a couple of the bigger bowl games played over the weekend, the Cotton Bowl with #8 Missouri and #13 Oklahoma State, and the Orange Bowl with #7 Ohio State and #12 Clemson. Both games featured high scoring offenses and the final scores didn’t disappoint.
Randy’s Sugar Bowl Wrap Up
There couldn’t have been many people that thought the Sugar Bowl would end the way it did. In a stunning upset Oklahoma beat two time national Champion Alabama 45-31. Many thought Alabama was out to prove they still belonged in the National Championship game despite losing to Auburn …
Randy’s College Football Wrap UP, Week 12
It’s already week 12 in college football and the upsets keep coming meaning the BCS standing will be juggled around again this week. It’s a year when you say ‘wow, they played so good last week, what happened this week?’
#1 Alabama beat Mississipp…
Randy’s College Football Wrap Up, Week 10
It is week 10 in College Football and #1 Alabama had the week off. On October 5th the Michigan Wolverines beat Minnesota to win the oldest division rival trophy, ‘The Little Brown Jug’, but this Saturday they lost to Michigan State and the Spartans won the second oldest divisio…