It's hard to believe that the last Moxie Festival in Lisbon, Maine was three years ago. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the festival that had run continuously on the second weekend in July since 1982, had to be canceled for two years. But this weekend, it is back and will be better than ever.

If you aren't originally from Maine and haven't lived here very long, you may have never heard of Moxie. It's a soft drink that was created in 1876 by Augustin Thompson as medicine in Lowell Massachusetts, and to a lot of people, it still tastes like medicine. Speaking from experience, it's an acquired taste, one I've never fully acquired, but those that have absolutely love Moxie.

Love it or hate it, you can't deny the fun to be had at Lisbon's Moxie Festival. The town is turned orange for the weekend, the color of the distinctive can, including an orange Darth Vader that has shown up in the Moxie Festival parade in years past.

There are all kinds of events happening from July 8 through the 10th, including of course, a Moxie chugging contest along with a whoopie pie eating contest. Have your Pepto standing by.

The big attraction every year is the Moxie Festival parade which kicks off at 10 a.m.on Saturday starting at Captial Avenue and ending at Craft's Cars, a little over a mile where it passes all of the Lisbon Falls downtown area, but won't be traveling down Main Street this year due to construction.

There's an entire list of events on the Moxie Festival website, including a picture of orange Darth Vader, or the Moxie Festival Facebook page has a handy list of events below.


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