Anyone that knows me knows I am alll about dogs! Big dogs, small dogs, I dig dogs, pun intended! Gearing up for this years dog show season the American Kennel Club has just released the top ten most popular dog breeds in the USA.

It may come as no surprise but the loyal, lovable, predictable Labrador retriever secured the nations top spot again, marking the 28th year in a row to the title of America’s most popular dog in 2018.

Here is the rest of the best, or should I say, most popular!

1. Labrador
2. German shepherd
3. Golden retriever
4. French bulldog
5. Standard bulldog
6. Beagle
7. Poodle
8. Rottweiler
9. German short-haired pointer
10. Yorkshire terrier.

The German short-haired pointer is making it on the list for the first time.

CLICK HERE to dig-in! You can even take a look at a break down per city!