Happy Birthday America! Many of us will enjoy time with our families and take in a fireworks display, a parade and maybe a trip to the beach. With the 4th of July being on a Thursday, many people will get a long 4-day weekend. So, what are you going to be doing?I will be joining Devin, from the Saturday Night Stampede on the 4th, we will be in the Winslow 4th of July parade. Then, I will be working on Friday, after that I hope to BBQ and maybe sneak off to Old Orchard Beach over the weekend.

If I had the time, I'd love to go to camp, have some friends over and BBQ and maybe a bonfire, play some horseshoes and just relax.

What fun things do have have planned for this weekend? I want to know, so I can have some great ideas for my vacation week!

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