Ever since our first year in school, earlier than that for some, we've all been treated to candy around Valentines Day.  Cinnamon hearts, heart-shaped suckers, or those fancy chocolates that come out of a heart-shaped box, most of us have a favorite type of Valentines candy.

But, overall, which is the most popular candy type for the State of Maine?

Well, according to Zippia, it is those "conversation hearts".  Ya know, the sweet, chalky, heart-shaped candies that have the little sayings on them.  For example, "Be Mine", "I Love You", and "You're Special".  Supposedly, they each have a different flavor, but I have never really been able to tell them apart.  But, they are still the quintessential elementary school Valentines Day candy.

What about the other New England states?

In New Hampshire, it is chocolate truffles.

The favorite for Vermont is M&Ms...  Wait a second - since when are M&Ms a Valentines Day candy?  Way to be romantic, Vermont!

And, in Massachusetts the favorite Valentines Day candy is chocolate roses.

Back to the "conversation hearts"...  One of the cool things about those hearts is that there are a lot of companies out there that will put your own phrases on the candy.  Normally, these are used for special events like weddings or parties.  However, you could always come up with your own phrases. You could select phrases which are specific to your relationship with your special someone.  What a great way to impress your Valentine!

What is your favorite Valentines Day candy?  Let us know by messaging us through our app or on Facebook.

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