I have mentioned several times I like dogs and tolerate cats. I have not mentioned we also have a horse in the family. My daughter owns a horse called Candy and it’s safe to say my wife loves horses as well. And while our own barn is currently lacking a horse I did get the opportunity to get out and ride and enjoy the fresh air with my family.

Horseback Riding In Maine

We decided to do a family Winter Wonderland Ride with Carousel Horse Farms in Casco, Maine. When we got there I saw a very large horse and I told my wife I hope I wasn’t riding him.  She just laughed, for good reason because yes, the biggest horse there was assigned to me for the ride. His name is Big John.

After some trepidation and with the use of a mounting block, I climbed up on Big John. It was exhilarating and slightly terrifying at first but he was a true gentleman. He made me feel at ease while riding and the view was great. Our trail ride took our through snow covered forests (I did have to duck under a few branches) and across fields where we saw several deer. We could also see the White Mountains in the distance and it was an amazing experience.

Carousel Horse Farm was a great place for me to ride a horse for the first time. They made sure everyone was safe and informed. The horses were patient and kind and our guide provided a lovely tour of the trails. They offer several riding opportunities based on skill level as well as wagon and and sleigh rides!


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