It was just a few weeks ago we were talking about all the troubles in Atlanta, GA over some snow and ice.  I hope that they are ready this time. They don’t really have the equipment to deal with that sort of weather, so I guess you just stay out of it until it warms a little and the ice and snow are gone.

I was listening to one news person this morning talking about the ice will drop ever other tree and it will be weeks and weeks before the power will be back on, IF the ice comes like he expected. Well, they are already getting the wintery mix and more is expected tonight.

It appears that people were heading home early today, but not everyone left Atlanta at the same time. That was one big mistake last time. Everyone drove home at the same time!  People got what the needed and are where they are going to be for the next day or two.  Shelters are ready, if they are needed. Line crews are working to restore power in the places it is already out.

I hate to tell you Southern United States, but ice is the worst. Because it can take down trees and power lines and make the world so slippery.  But we have been doing that for a long time up here. It will be ok. Check on your neighbors, stick together and remember safety first. OH and a manual can opening. Trust me on that.

Spring arrives March 20th. This is 35 day, kids!