Water covers nearly 75% of the Earth yet there have been more men to land on the moon than have gone to the deepest depth of the ocean. The deepest part of the ocean is the Marianna Trench and only two men have ever traveled there, 12 have gone to the moon.

There is more known about the moon than the depths of the ocean too. The Trench is about three mile deep and the pressure that deep is incredible, dangerous and breathtaking all at once. There is no light that deep yet life exists in the form of extremophiles. There are giant tube worms that can grow to eight feet long, there are yeti crabs and octopus and other bizarre looking life forms. Many glow to give off light.

 Sea exploration has revealed violent volcanic eruptions occur every day where temperatures can reach 750 degrees yet life lives and thrives off of, and near, them. The problem with exploring the ocean that deep is the pressure, it’s a thousand times greater than we experience on Earth. Because of that it’s been since 1960 when the bottom of the ocean was explored.

Film Maker James Cameron is said to have commissioned engineers to build a deep sea submersible so her can be the third man to visit the bottom of the ocean to get film footage using specially fitted 3D cameras for future movie projects. It is expected to be a two-seater that would include a heater. On the only other submersible, the Trieste, there was not a heater, and at that depth, the water is extremely cold. A lesson learned.