Getty Images, photo by ChinaFotoPress

One dead and one injured as 40,000 Africanized bees attacked a Central Texas man. Larry Goodwin was driving his tractor south of Waco, Texas, and must have hit a pile of wood that housed the bees' hive, when the bees attacked, Goodwin jumped off his tractor and ran to a house about 50 yards away and grabbed a water hose trying to fight off the attacking bees.

A woman in the house tried to come to his aid, but was attacked too. The woman was only injured in the attack but Goodwin was pronounced dead on the scene. Bee Be Gone owner Allen Miller was called in and he destroyed the hive and noted that Africanized bees are much more aggressive and come in greater numbers than European bees. When an African bee hive is disturbed, the whole colony will attack.