The Lisbon Left-Hand Club Horseshoe League is off to a great start! We've had two great weeks of weather and the league is off and running. The team I am on, The Rats, went 4 and 2 the first week. What would week two bring?We played a new team last night. Their team had shooters that had similar ringer percentages as ours. That meant most of our six games had either no handicaps or a handicap of under 10 points.

Our league plays six games in a match. Each game has two shooters pitching 20 horseshoes each. Each player will play in three games and therefore pitch 60 shoes in a night.

We won 5 to 1, most every game was very close, in fact the first game of the night I was playing with our captain, Scott Pomerleau. Scott's only ringer of the game came on his last shot and we won 20-19!

Noland Easler had the best week last week on the team and he shot even better last night. Noland ended up with 18 ringers out of 60 shots!

In fact, everyone of the team shot better this week than last week.

Lad Brown shot 11 ringers last week and this week he had 14 ringers

I had 9 ringers last week and this week I shot 15 ringers and 2 six-packs!

Scott Pomerleau, who is playing for the first time, had two ringers last week and three ringers this week!

So, we are 9-3 after two weeks, we are not used to having a winning record! We'll enjoy it while we can.

Here's some video of Noland warming up.