It seems every year the world is facing an apocalypse, the end of the world. So far so good: we’re still here. In 1910, when Haley’s Comet was coming, scientists thought it would be the end. In 1997, Heaven’s Gate thought an alien ship was following a comet. One of the biggest recently was Y2k: that was supposed to happened on January 1, 2000. Most recently, two years ago, the end of the Mayan calendar was supposed to be the end the world.
This year we have to deal with a new apocalypse: the Viking apocalypse, and it’s coming this weekend. The basic plot of this end of the world is that Norse gods will fight each other and the earth will sink into the sea, the world will burn and everyone will die.
It starts when Ragnarok dies after the god Loki’s wolf grandson ‘Skoll’ eats the sun and his brother eats the moon. The Midgard snake will come from the depths of the sea, and things get worse from there.

It's all supposed to happen this Saturday, February 22 and there will be festivities held in the United Kingdom. This apocalypse has a happy ending though. After the ancient gods destroy the world it is supposed to be restored as a paradise.