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Bee Brainbuster Answer Page

Here are the questions and answers for the Bee Brainbuster on the Morning Buzz on B98.5!

Here are the previous questions and answers, and keep listening to the Morning Buzz on B98.5 every morning from 5-9 for your chance to win!

March 5

Q: What are people likely to do while driving that can distract them. What’s #4.

A: 1 Text  2. Change radio  3. Talk on phone  4. Daydream  5. Put on makeup  6. eat/Drink  7. Drive tired

Q: Name a TV show named for its lead character. What’s #4.

A: 1. Seinfeld  2. Drew Carey  3. Frazier  4. Cosby Show  5. Roseanne  6. Murphy Brown  7. Ally McBeal  8. Judge Judy



March 4

Q: Name a movie that takes place mostly on water. What’s #4.

A: 1. Titanic  2. Waterworld  3. Blue Sea  4. Under Siege  5. Jaws  6. pirates of the Caribbean  7. Master and Commander



March 3

Q: Name an occupation in which you might have to face booing crowds. What’s #4.

A: 1. Politician  2. Athlete  3. Comedian  4. Singer  5. Actor


March 2

Q: Name something people brag about. What’s #4?

A: 1. Kids  2. Income  3. Job  4. Athletic Ability  5. Body  6. Car



February 27

Q: Name a canned food you always have in your cupboard. What’s #4

A: 1. Soup  2. Tomatoes  3. Baked Beans  4. Spaghetti O’s  5. Tuna  6. Corn




February 26

Q: Name a popular Elvis Presley movie. What’s #4?

A: 1. Jailhouse Rock  2. Viva Las Vegas  3. Blue Hawaii  4. Love Me Tender  5. Girls Girls Girls  6. King Creole



February 25

Q: Name a food that it’s hard to keep your face clean while eating. What’s #4?

A: 1. Ice Cream  2. Ribs  3. Spaghetti  4. Watermelon  5. Pizza



February 24

Q: We all have urges we don’t act on. What’s the number one urge people have but they don’t act on?

A: Throw something at their T.V.



February 23

Q: In art class, name something a kid might use ‘cotton balls’ to make. What’s #4.

A: 1. Snowman,  2. Clouds,  3. Rabbit,  4. Sheep,  5. Santa’s Beard
February 2

Q: Name something you associate with Boston.  What’s #4?
A: 8. Marathon  7. Celtics  6. Chowder/Seafood  5. Boston Cream Pie  4. Accent  3. Tea Party  2. Red Sox  1. Baked Beans

January 30

Q: According to our list, what are the top 10 things people eat during the BIG game?  What’s #4?
A: 10. Veggie & Dip  9. Meatballs  8. Jalapeno poppers  7. Nachos  6. Chili  5. Buffalo wings  4. Popcorn  3. Hot dogs  2. Pizza  1. Potato chips

January 29

Q: This requires less effort than opening a door for a woman, yet almost 1/5 of men won’t do what common courtesy?
A: Use the turn signal

Q: What was the most popular catch phrase of the 90′s.  What’s #4?
A: 8. All that and a bag of chips  7. Dope  6. Who let the dogs out  5. As if  4. da Bomb  3. You got it dude  2. Talk to the hand  1. My bad

January 28

Q: According to our list, what are the top 10 outdoor winter activities.  What’s #4?
A: 10. Snowball fight  9. Snow shoeing  8. Ice Fishing  7. Build an igloo/fort  6. Snow angels  5. Ice skating  4. Sledding  3. Snowboarding  2. Skiing  1. Snowman

January 27

Q: According to our list, if there’s a blizzard what’s the best thing to spend the day inside with?  What’s #4?
A: 7. Blanket  6. Book  5. Movie/TV  4. Games  3. Hot drink  2. Companion  1. Fire

January 26

Q: According our list, name the glue that holds most marriages together.  What’s #4?
A: 6. Money  5. Children/Family  4. Religion/Faith  3. Love  2. Communication  1. Trust/Honesty

January 21

Q: According to our list, name a nursery rhyme that has the word “little” in the title.  What’s #2 & #4?
A: 6. Little Bo Peep  5. Three Little Pigs  4. Little Red Riding Hood  3. Little Boy Blue  2. Twinkle Little Star  1. Little Miss Muffet

January 20

Q: According to our list, name a kind of bell.  What’s #4?
A: 7. cow  6. jingle  5. school  4. church  3. wedding  2. door  1. Liberty

January 13

Q:Name an action star who can also be funny.  What’s #4?
A: 8. Vin Diesel  7. Mel Gibson  6. Harrison Ford  5. Bruce Willis  4. The Rock (Dwayne Johnson)  3. Will Smith  2. Arnold Schwarzenegger  1. Jackie Chan

January 12

Q: According to our list, name a word or short phrase that begins with the word “High”.  What’s #4?
A: 7. high noon  6. high maintenance  5. highway  4. high heals  3. high roller  2. high five  1. high school

January 9

Q: According to our list, name something that would be rally hard to do without a thumb.  What’s #4?
A: 7. Knit  6. Snap your fingers  5. Use scissors  4. use a lighter  3. Tie shoes  2. hitchhike  1. write

January 8

Q: Not sure why, but Wednesday is the number one day women like to do what?
A: Go on a date

January 7

Q: According to our list, Name someone who wears white gloves.  What’s #4?
A: 7. Bride  6. Police Officer  5. Dentist  4. Band Instructor  3. Nurse  2. Mickey Mouse  1. Doctor

January 6

Q: According to our list, name something annoying that happens to you on a very windy day.  What’s #4?
A: 4. Dust in eyes  3. Skirt blows up  2. Lose hat  1. Messy hair

January 5

Q: Getting over a break-up can be tough, but experts say it’ll be easier if the first thing you do is…what?
A: Change your ringtone

December 24

Q: According to our list, what are the top 10 Christmas Eve traditions of all time?  What’s #4?
A: 10. Family dinner  9. Hang up stockings  8. Look at Christmas lights  7. Caroling  6. Midnight mass  5. Read Twas the Night Before Christmas  4. Put baby Jesus in the Manger  3. Watch a Christmas movie  2. Put cookies out for Santa  1. Open 1 present

December 23

Q: According to our list…Name a shape Christmas cookies come in.  What’s #4?
A: 7. Candycane  6. Angel  5. Stockings  4. Bell  3. Star  2. Santa  1. Tree

December 22

Q: Name something that gets stripped.  What’s #4?
A: 6. Screw  5. Bedding  4. People  3. Stolen car  2. Wood/Furniture  1. Paint/wallpaper

Q: If Santa got the flu on Christmas Eve, who might he ask to fill in for him? What #4?
A: 6. Kids parents  5. Tooth fairy  4. Easter Bunny  3. Rudolph  2. Elves  1. Mrs. Claus

December 18

Q: According to our list, Name a popular Christmas symbol.  What’s #4?
A: 10. Ornament  9. Angel  8. Candycane  7. Mistletoe  6. Wreath  5. Bells  4. Cross  3. Santa  2. Star  1. Christmas Tree

Q: Name a Christmas plan.  What’s #4?
A: 5. Mistletoe  4. Holly  3. Christmas Tree  2. Christmas Cactus  1. Poinsettia

December 17

Q: Name a word or phrase that begins with “SNOW”.  What’s #4
A: 6. snowfall  5. snow white 4. snow angel  3. snowball  2. snowman  1. snowflakes

Q: Name something people do on Christmas.  What’s #4
A: 5. Caroling  4. Go to church  3. Party  2. Holiday dinner  1. Open gifts

December 16

Q: Name something you wear that you should never spend more than $20 on.  What’s #4
A: 7. Tie  6. Sunglasses  5. Make-up  4. Hat  3. Tshirts  2.Undergarments  1.Socks

Q: According to our list…What are the top 10 Christmas Carols of all time?  What’s #4?
A: 10. Away in a manger  9. We wish you a merry Christmas  8. Deck the halls  7. All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth  6. Silent Night  5. Frosty the snowman  4. 12 Days of Christmas  3. Santa Claus is coming to town  2. Jingle Bells  1. Rudolph the red nosed reindeer

December 15

Q: According to our list…What are the top 10 New Year’s Resolutions for 2015?  What’s #4?
A: 10. Drink less  9. Take a trip  8. Manage stress  7. Get a better job  6. Get fit  5. Save money  4. Volunteer to help others  3. Get a better education  2. Quit smoking  1. Lose weight

December 12

Q: According to our list, what are the top 10 board games of all time?  What’s #4?
A: 10. Candyland  9. Twister  8. Monopoly  7. Chess  6. Life  5. Chutes & Ladders  4.Chinese Checkers  3. Sorry  2. Clue  1. Scrabble

December 11

Q: According to our list, what are the top 10 Christmas movies of all time?  What’s #4?
A: 10. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation  9. It’s a Wonderful Life  8. Home Alone  7. Nightmare Before Christmas  6. How the Grinch Stole Christmas  5. Miracle on 34th Street  4. Elf  3. The Santa Clause  2. A Christmas Carol/Scrooge  1. A Christmas Story

November 12

Q: Name something people don’t clean often…what’s #4?
A: 5. Windows  4. Rug  3. Microwave  2. Bathroom  1. Vehicle

Q: Name a cereal that was around when you were a kid and is still around today…what’s #4?
A: 9. Wheaties  8. Shredded Wheat  7. Frosted Flakes  6. Rice Krispies  5. Captain Crunch  4. Oatmeal  3. Trix  2. Cheerios  1. Corn Flakes

Q: Give me another word for “sloppy”…what’s #4?
A: 7. Dirty  6. Careless  5. Lazy  4. Unkempt  3. Pig pen  2. Disgusting  1. Messy

November 11

Q: A third of men say they look sexier if they wear something at a specific time of the day.  What is it and when?
A: Sunglasses at night

Q: Name a person who’s famous for having funny looking hair…What’s #4?
A: 6. Carrot Top  5. Phyllis Dillar  4. Kramer  3. Bozo the Clown  2. Whoopie Goldberg  1. Don King

November 10

Q: How many hairs does Homer Simpson have on his head?
A: 3 (2 on top and 1 squiggly one around the back)

Q: Name a word that you might see before or after the word “wax”…what’s #4?
A: 7. Hot wax  6. Ear wax  5. Beeswax  4. Wax museum  3. Car wax  2. Wax paper  1. Candle wax

Q: Name something you’d probably learn at clown school…what’s #4?
A: 5. Juggling  4. Unicycle  3. Balloon animals  2. Jokes  1. Make-up

November 7

Q: Sounds young people have neer heard and the rest of us will never hear again.  What is #4?
A: 12. Film projector  11. TV station sign-off  10. Cash register  9. Flash cube  8. Rotary phone  7. Coffee peculator  6. Old school pencil sharpener  5. Chalk on a blackboard  4. Gas station driveway bell  3. Typewriter  2. Record player  1. TV knob changer

November 6

Q: Your parents probably used to do this everyday, a few times per day.  But, times are changing and now might only do this twice a week or perhaps not at all.  What?
A: Land-line telephone


Q: Name a popular female from a movie that inspired a Halloween costume.  What’s #4?
A: 8. Morticia Adams  7. Bride of Frankenstein  6. Princess Leia  5. Dorothy (Wizard of Oz)  4. Marilyn Monroe  3. Cinderella  2. Cat woman  1. Wonder woman

October 30

Q: Give me a word or phrase containing the word “chip”…what’s #4?
A: 8. computer chip  7. poker chip  6. chipmunk  5. chip on shoulder  4. chip dip  3. potato chip  2. chip off the old block  1. chocolate chip

October 29

Q: Name a game that kids have played for generations.  What’s #4?
A: 8. Tic Tac Toe  7. Jump rope  6. Checkers  5. Monopoly  4. Baseball  3. Hopscotch  2. Tag  1. Hide & Seek

Q: Name a word that follows Holy…what’s #4?
A: 7. Water  6. Moly  5. Spirit  4. Ghost  3. Cow  2. Matrimony  1. Bible

October 28

Q: Name something that has a string on it…what’s #2?
A: 5. blinds/curtains  4.guitar  3. balloon  2. kite  1. yo yo

October 27

Q: Name something that can never be long enough.  What’s #4?
A: 6. Hair  5. Weekend  4. Life  3. Summer  2. Day  1. Vacation

October 23

Q: Ladies…tell us something you’d love your husband to say to you without prompting…What’s #4?
A: 7. Lost weight?  6. How’s your day?  5. Here’s money to shop  4. Let’s go out to eat.  3. Let’s go on vacation  2. You’re beautiful  1. I love you

Q: Name a 2-word phrase includes the word “secret”…What’s #4?
A: 7. Secret society  6. Secret Santa  5. Secret Service  4. Secret Agent  3. Secret admirer  2. Top Secret  1. Secret Garden

October 22

Q: Name something people do with both hands.  What’s #4?
A: 6. Eat  5. Cook  4. Massage  3. Clap  2. Dishes  1. Drive

Q: Name a Jim Carey movie.  What’s #4?
A: 6. Cable Guy  5. Truman Show  4. Dumb & Dumber  3. Liar, Liar  2. Ace Ventura  1. The Mask

October 21

Q: According to experts, if you want to feel happy, you should sniff what?
A: Bake potato

Q: What kinds of tasks do we now  handle online that we didn’t use to 10 years ago?
A: 7. Working  6. Education  5. Emailing  4. Doing taxes  3. Shopping  2. Paying bills  1. Banking

October 20

Q: Name a sitcom that was popular in the 80′s…what’s #4?
A: 7. Golden Girls  6. Cheers  5. Who’s the Boss  4. Full House  3. Three’s Company  2. Family Ties  1. Cosby Show

October 17

Q: Ladies…where do you wish your spouse was more willing to go with you?  What’s #4?
A: 5. Dancing  4.Salon/Spa  3. Movie theater  2. Church  1. Shopping

October 16

Q: Past or present, Name a TV show that takes place on an island.  What’s #4?
A: 5. Fantasy Island  4. Survivor  3. Hawaii Five-0  2. LOST  1. Gilligan’s Island

October 15

Q: Name something you can get in trouble for cheating on….What’s #4?
A: 4. diet  3. spouse  2. test  1. taxes

October 14

Q: Finish this sentence “Since I got married, I have more…”  What’s #4?
A: 7. weight  6. fun  5. bills  4. stress  3. kids  2. romance  1. money

October 13

Q: On average, you’ll do this 5 times before you’re satisfied…what?
A: Take a selfie

October 10

Q: Approximately, a quarter of people still do this as an adult…what?
A: Eat sugary cereal

October 9

Q: 18% of Americans agreed to have done this…What?
A: Seen a ghost

October 7

Q: According to Men’s Health Magazine, 1 in 3 guys say they can’t go without this for a week.  What is it?
A: Pizza

October 6

Q: Asked husbands…if your wife is staring at you over a Holiday Dinner, what might she be telling you with her look?  What’s #4?
A: 5. Stop talking  4. Help out/Dishes  3. Let’s leave  2. You’re in trouble  1. I love you

Q: No matter how madly in love they are…19 out of 20 women just won’t do…what?
A: Propose

October 3

Q: Name a phrase that starts with the words “Middle of the…”  What’s #4?
A: 5. week  4. road  3. day  2. ocean  1. night

October 2

Q: Tell me a slang word or phrase used to refer to husbands.  What’s #4?
A: 6. Spouse  5. Poppy  4. Big Daddy  3. Hubby  2. Other/Better Half  1. Old Man

Q: Name someone real or fictional know for their nose…What’s #4?
A: 6. Jay Leno  5. Barbara Streisand  4. Bob Hope  3. Cyrano  2. Jimmy Durante  1. Pinocchio

October 1

Q: Name a pair of something that you can not wear.  What is #4?
A: 6. Tweezers  5. Scissors  4. Dice  3. Tires  2. Eyes  1. Twins

Q: Guys, what’s the number one thing you do that makes your girlfriend roll her eyes in disgust?
A: Talk about your ex

September 30

Q: Half of Americans have no clue when this happens to them.  What is it?
A: Flirting

September 22

Q: Name something you may not be good at the first time you do it… What’s #4?
A: 6. Skating  5. Skiing  4. Golf  3. Cooking  2. Driving  1. Riding a bike

September 19

Q: Women were asked: What do you think is really the best way to a man’s heart?  What’s # 1 & #2?
A: 7. Honesty  6. Sense of humor  5. Family/Children  4. Money/Gifts  3. Sex  2. Love/Kindness  1. Food

Q: According to men: Name something you would be lost without…what’s #4?
A: 7. Brain  6. TV Remote  5. Cell Phone  4. Vehicle  3. Keys  2. Money  1. Companion

September 18

Q: Tell me something your spouse does that makes you suspect they’re angry at you…what’s #4?
A: 6. Glare  5. Slam doors  4. Roll eyes  3. Pout/Frown  2. Yell  1. Silent treatment

September 17

Q: Name something that begins with “The real…”  What’s #4?
A: 6. The real story  5. The real life  4. The real thing  3. The real deal  2. The real McCoy  1. The real world

September 16

Q: A man divorces after 25 years of marriage.  Name something that will be different about dating now… What’s #4?
A: 5. Age difference  4. Internet  3. Who pays  2. Independent woman  1. Expense

September 15

Q: For the past couple of years, women have finally exceeded men when it comes to what?
A: Tattoos

September 12

Q:Give me a word or phrase that contains the word “Belly”…What’s #4?
A: 5. Bellyache  4. Belly Dancer  3. Jelly Belly  2. Belly Up  1. Belly Button

Questions for September 11

Q: According to married women: Name something a husband better not buy without consulting with them first… What’s #4
A: 6. TV  5. Anything  4. Clothes  3. House/Real Estate  2. Furniture  1. Vehicle

Question for September 10

Q: According to single men, Name something you would hate to run out of on a date…What is #4?
A: 5. Mints  4. Time  3. Gas  2. Conversation  1. Money

Questions for September 9

Q: Name something you’d eat a lot of if you needed to gain a quick 10 pounds.  What’s #4?
A: 6. Bread  5. Fast Food  4. Ice Cream  3. Potatoes  2. Potato Chips  1. Candy Bar

Q: A new survey reveals that this TV show is the most popular show for couples to watch together.  What is it?
A: The Big Bang Theory

Questions for September 8

Q: Give me an animal  that begins with the letter “M”.  What’s #4?
A: 5. Mongoose  4. Mule  3. Moose  2. Mouse  1. Monkey

Q: Experts say about 1 in 4 people should probably wear these.  What are they?
A: Adult diapers

Question for September 5

Q: Ladies, what two words do experts say you should never say to a man on a first date?
A: You’re cute, handsome or sexy

Questions for September 4

Q: Our grandparents barely had any of these…but nowadays 70% of us say we have about 40 of these.  What are they?
A: Electrical outlets

Q: Name something that begins with “Hold your…”  What’s #4?
A: 5. Hand  4. Temper  3. Tongue  2. Breath  1. Horses

Questions for September 3

Q: If you’re an adult, odds are 50/50 that you have one of these in your bedroom.  What?
A: Night light

Q: Name a word or phrase that ends with “bone”.  What’s #3, 4, 5, 6?
A: 6.Chicken Bone  5. Funny Bone  4. Wish Bone  3. Back Bone  2. Dog Bone  1. T-Bone

Questions for September 2

Q: Name something you wouldn’t want your children to do as you do.  What’s #2, 3, 4, 5?
A: 7. Gossip  6. Work  5. Drive  4. Eat  3. Swear  2. Drink Alcohol  1. Smoke

Q: Asking single women…If you could build the perfect man, tell me something you’d be sure he had…What is #4?
A: Heart  (the rest of the list)  6. Flowers  5. Big Brains  4. Heart  3. Muscles  2. Money  1. Humor

Questions for August 29:

Q: Besides chocolate chip, Name a popular cookie… What’s #1, 2, 3, 4?
A: 5. Vanilla wafers  4. Sugar  3. Peanut Butter  2. Oatmeal  1. Oreo

Q: Asking married women…Name something you almost have to force your husband to spend money on.  What #2, 4, 6, 8
A: 8. Furniture  7. Children  6. Jewelry  5. Vacation  4. New car  3. Home repairs  2. Dine out  1. Clothes

Questions for August 28:

Q: Give me an everyday expression that uses the word “dog”… What’s # 1, 3, 5?
A: Dog days, Dog-eat-dog world, you Dog  (rest of the list)  5. You dog  4. What’s up, Dawg?  3. Dog-eat-dog world  2. Doggone it  1. Dog days

Q: Tell me something most men think they can’t live without… What’s #1, 3, 5?
A: Sex/Women, Money & Sports  (the rest of the list)  6. Food  5. Sports  4. Car  3. Money  2. TV/Remote  1. Sex/Women

Questions for August 27:

Q: Name something that would be impossible to eat without teeth.  What’s’ #1, 3, 5?
A: Corn, apples, carrots  (the rest of the list)  6. Taffy  5. Carrots  4. Nuts  3. Apples  2. Steak  1. Corn

Q: Married women were asked…Name something or someone in a circus that best describes your husband in the bedroom.  What’s # 2, 4, 6?
A: Ringmaster, Acrobat, Tiger  (the rest of the list)  6. Tiger  5. Animal tamer  4. Acrobat  3. Lion  2. Ringmaster  1. Clown

Q: On his 18th Birthday what would a mom hate to hear her son say?  “Mom, I’m…”
A: Joining the military  (the rest of the list)  5. Dropping out  4. Joining the military  3. Going to be a dad  2.  Getting married  1. Moving out

Questions for August 26

Q: Name something that begins with the word “hand”.  What’s #4?
A: Handout  (The rest of the list)  6. Handkerchief  5. Handle  4. Handout  3. Handcrafted  2. Handsome  1. Handshake

Questions for August 25

Q: Name something you would hate to find under your bed.  What’s #4?
A: Snake  (The rest of the list)  7. Person  6. Dust  5. Rodent  4. Snake  3. Food  2. Spider  1. Monster

Q: Tell me a food that made you nervous to eat for the first time.  What’s #4?
A: Clams  (The rest of the list) 7. Lobster  6. Crab  5. Sushi  4. Clams  3. Oysters  2. Snails  1. Squid

Questions for August 22

Q:  Name something a woman treats better than she treats her husband.  What’s #4?
A: Hair  (The rest of the list)  5. Shoes  4. Hair  3. Car  2. Kids  1. Pet

Q: What is something a divorced couple will stop sharing?  What is #4?
A: Love  (The rest of the list)  5. Car  4. Love  3. Money  2. House  1. Bed

Questions for August 21

Q: Name the top things children tend to lie about.  What’s #4?
A: Stealing  (The rest of the list)  6. House chores  5. Brushing teeth  4. Stealing  3. Breaking things  2. Grades  1. Homework

Q: Tell me a word that can start with “hit the____”.  What’s #4?
A: Wall  (The rest of the list)  5. Jackpot  4. Wall  3. Floor  2. Ball  1. Road

Question for August 20

Q: According to women, name something you wish your husband was an expert at doing.  What’s #4?
A: Making money  (The rest of the list)  8. Yard work  7. Take care of the kids  6. Driving  5. Making love  4. Making money  3. Cooking  2. Housework/laundry  1. Fixing things/car

Questions for August 19

Q: What might some women love more than their spouse?  What is #4?
A: Shoes  (Here’s the rest of the list) 7. Jewelry  6. Chocolate  5. Pet  4. Shoes  3. Shopping  2. Money  1. Children

Q: Kind of surprising, but nearly half of men surveyed say they’ve managed to convince a woman into trying, what?
A: Skinny-dipping

Questions for August 18

Q: Key West, Florida leads the nation when it comes to people w ho do what?
A: Ride their bike to work

Q: Which cartoon character would make a good athlete if they were real?  What’s #4?
A: Might Mouse  (The rest of the list) 6. Tasmanian Devil  5. Speedy Gonzales  4. Might Mouse  3. Popeye  2. Bugs Bunny  1. Roadrunner

Questions for August 15

Q: What does a child do more of once they become a teenager?  What’s #4?
A: Date  (The rest of the list)  7. Shop  6. Talk on phone  5. Sleep  4. Date  3. Party  2. Eat  1. Argue

Q: A new study shows people are more likely to tell the truth when they are doing what?
A: Texting

Questions for August 14

Q: Name a TV Show, past or present, that has a woman’s name in the title.  What’s #4?
A: Rosie O’Donnell (The rest of the list) 7. Will & Grace  6. I love Lucy  5. Murphy Brown  4. Rosie O’Donnell  3. Roseanne  2. Oprah Winfrey  1. Ally McBeal


Q: Name something you want a beach to have.  What’s #4?
A: Bathroom/Showers  (The rest of the list)  7.Seats  6. Lifeguard  5. Refreshments  4. Bathroom/Showers  3. Umbrellas/Shade  2. Clear water  1. Sand

Question for August 13

Q: What is #4 on the list of toys that both boys and girls enjoy playing with?
A: Lego (the entire list) 5. Spinning Top  4. Lego  3. Bike  2. Video Games  1. Ball


Questions for August 12

Q: Name something kids say they’ll never do like their parents.  What’s #4?
A: Drive  (the rest of the list)  6. Parent  5. Work  4. Drive  3.Dress  2. Lose temper  1. Smoke


Questions for August 11

Q: Name an occupation where you have to wake up early in the morning.  What’s #4
A: Baker  (The rest of the list)  7. Bus Driver  6. Farmer  5. Construction Worker  4. Baker  3. Doctor  2. Newspaper Delivery  1. Nurse

Questions for August 8

Q: 2 out of 5 men say they wouldn’t want their own mothers to know they’ve done what?
A: Buy a motorcycle

Q: Name a word that begins with “mud”.  What’s #4?
A: Mud Slinger  (Here’s the rest of the list)  7. Muddy  6. Mud Flap  5. Mud Puddle  4. Mud Slinger  3. Mud Slide  2. Mud Pie  1. Muddle

Questions for August 7

Q: This happens to men a lot more often than women.  Although,  you wouldn’t think it was gender specific.  What is it?
A: Bitten by a shark

Q: He may forget their anniversary, but name something a man would never forget about his wife.  What’s #4?
A: Eye color  (the rest of the list)  4. Eye Color  3. Age  2. Name  1. Birthday

Questions for August 6

Q: Name a place where it’s OK to scream.  What’s #4
A: Movie Theater (the rest of the list)  6. Haunted House  5. Sports Event  4. Movie Theater  3.Playground  2. Rock Concert  1. Amusement Park

Q: Name an activity during which people get “eaten alive” by mosquitoes.  What’s #4?
A: Watching a fire.  (The rest of the list) 6.yard work  5.hiking  4.watching a fire  2. BBQ’ing  1.camping

Questions for August 5

Q: If you could be fearless for one day, name the first thing you would do.  What is #4?
A: Drive a Racecare.  (The rest of the list) 4.Drive a racecare  3. Bungee Jump  2. Fly a plane  1. Skydive

Q: Name a type of salad.  What is #4?
A: Greek  (The rest of the list) 6. Chef  5. Waldorf  4.Greek  3. Fruit  2. Garden  1. Caesar

Question for August 4

Q: While salaries have gone down, name something that’s gone up.  What is #4?
A: Debt.  (entire list) 8. Anger  7. Unemployment  6. Inflation  5. Taxes  4. Debt  3. Cost of living  2. Food prices  1. Gas prices

Q: 2/3rds of American’s mistakenly think this has gotten worse over the past 20 years, truth is, it has only gotten a little worse.   What is it?
A: Manners


Question for August 1

Q: What’s #4 on the list of food you can eat right out of the container?
A: Tuna (the entire list)  6. Peanut Butter  5. Soup  4. Tuna  3. Chips  2. Yogurt  1. Ice Cream
Question for July 31

Q: Name something you see a lot of during the summer. What’s #4?
A: Sun (the entire list)  6. Kids Playing  5. Bugs  4. Sun  3. Bathing Suit  2. People in Shorts  1. Flowers
Question for July 30

Q: On the list of 6, what is the #4 town in Maine that starts with the letter ‘D’?
A: Dixmont (the entire list) 6. Detroit  5. Dresden  4. Dixmont  3. Deer Isle  2. Dixfield  1. Damariscotta
Question for July 29

Q: Which Olympic sport would a ‘cow’ look most funny participating in?
A: Long Jump (the entire list) 1. Running  2. Swimming  3. Skiing  4. Long Jump  5. Gymnastics  6. Figure Skating


Question for July 18

Q: Name a famous Bob or Robert…who’s #4?
A: Dole (the entire list)   1. Hope  2. Redford  3. Barker  4. Dole  5. Newhart  6. Kennedy  7. De Niro


Question for July 17

Q: Name an occupation in which you might do alot of digging? What’s #4?
A: Plumber ( The entire list)  6. Archeologist  5. Detective  4. Plumber  3. Gardener  2. Grave Digger  1. Construction

Question for July 16

Q: If you could have a famous women’s face for a day, who would #4 be?
A: Julia Roberts (The entire list) 1. Angelina Jolie  2. Jennifer Aniston  3. Jennifer Lopez  4. Julia Roberts  5. Jessica Alba  6. Gweneth Paltro


Question for July 15

Q: What’s #4…name a type of crisis that usually happens at least once in an action film?
A: Explosion (The entire list) 5. Car Chase 4.Explosion 3.Kidnapping 2. Fight  1. Violent Crime


Question for July 14

Q: Name something a grown man might be embarrassed to admit that he collects. what’s #4?
A: Comic Books (The entire list) 6. Stuffed Animals 5.Action Figures 4. Comic Books 3. Baseball Cards 2. Stamps 1. Dolls


Question for July 11

Q: Ask any teen, there’s nothing worse than dancing Dad…what’s the second most dreaded thing dad can do?
A: Go Shirtless


Question for July 10

Q: Other than the word ‘love’, name another word that’s in almost every love song. What’s #4?
A: Forever (The entire list) 1. Heart   2. Baby  3. Kiss  4. Forever


Question for July 9

Q: What’s number 4 on the list of movie characters who wear always wear a hat?
A: Sherlock Holmes (The entire list: 1) Cat in the Hat, 2) Indiana Jones, 3) Peter Pan, 4) Sherlock Holmes, 5) Dick Tracy, 6) Willy Wonka, 7) Zorro)

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