It may not be a new trend but it something new that is happening at weddings, ‘pay-to-eat’. The age old tradition of the bride’s family paying for the wedding and the groom’s family paying for the booze may be a thing of the past.

As wedding cost rise, married couples are trying to find a way to save a little money on their big day. Already many weddings have a cash bar and now many couples are requesting cash instead of gifts. Some are sending out invitations that say, ‘if you’re going to eat, you will have pay for it yourself’.

As couple’s can’t afford $50 a plate for guest, they ask you pay (up front) for your meal at the reception. The request is printed at the bottom of the invitations. Many wedding planners say they would never plan a wedding were guests would be asked to pay, saying it takes away from the pleasure of attending a wedding.