Season 15 of Big Brother is down to the final three. They are Andy, Spencer and Gina Marie. In a season that has been marred with racist comments and fan favorites being out of the Big Brother house, it would be interesting to see who you think should win. Here's my pro's and con's on what each of the final three should win.Andy: Pro's: He has played both sides of the house and has lied with the best of them. He has also won HOH and POV competitions at crucial times.

Andy: Con's: He is such a weasel. Overacting and crying all the time.

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Spencer: Pro's: He has been on the block to leave eight times and is still in the house. He seems to have a level head and doesn't show too much emotion in the house. He's played well at having the housemates think he's not a power player.

Spencer: Con's: He has only won HOH once. He hasn't taken charge or really been part of anything big in the game.

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Gina Marie: Pro's: She made the bold move this season by leading the charge to evict Amanda and McCrae out of the Big Brother house. She has also won her share of competitions.

Gina Marie: Con's: She shows her emotions on her sleeve and can rub people the wrong way. She extremely blunt and she has been part of the racist uproar during this season, not as bad as Aaryn and Amanda.

Who do you think most deserves to win Big Brother this season?