Vincent Ceniseroz works for Comcast Cable in Capitola, California, fixing internet systems and television cable. But lately he has been in the business of saving lives, not once, but twice. The 53 year old works around the Santa Cruz County area and a week ago saved a man who had a diabetic attack and within the same week he saved a woman who crashed her car.

He was driving on Ice Cream Grade Road, a winding road in the Santa Cruz Mountains, when a vehicle passed him and he noticed the two right wheels slide off the shoulder. The Chevy Cruz slid 150 feet down the hill and, when Ceniseroz reached it, it was on its side wedged against a redwood tree. The passenger had minor head injuries and was confused but our heroic cable man got her out of the car and brought some water and hand wipes from his van.

Before going down the hill he had stopped a motorcyclist and handed him his cell phone to call 911. Firefights, police and responders arrived and she was taken to the hospital.