Creative Pet Names
Since I cannot have an animal of my own, I decided to announce to the world what I would name my pets if I could own one. So if you're getting an animal soon, here are some creative pet names for you:
Dog: Bark Obama, Ruffles, Boba Fetch, Mozart, Steve Pawgers, Tony Bark, Walker Texas Range…
Zombie Raccoons Spotted in Ohio
In Youngstown, Ohio, people are reporting 'zombie' raccoons on the loose.
Police have euthanized at least 15 raccoons so far believing they have distemper, not rabies. Distemper causes raccoons to cough, have tremors and seizures and leads raccoons to lose their fear of humans...
Mummy Cat For Sale In Central Maine
I don't know what to quite make of this ad.  I'm really thinking it's an 'April Fools' prank.  I guess I need to see it, in person, to believe it.  But, if you aren't a 'seeing is believing' kind of person...and want to spend $650 on a dead cat.…

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