Maine Gas Prices Slightly Higher This Week
The old adage says that all good things must come to an end, that's the case with gas prices in Maine this week. After, several months of falling prices, they went up a little over two cents a gallon this for a statewide average of $2.23 per gallon.
Maine Gas Prices Steady This Week
After several months of gas prices dropping in Maine, things have seemed to run out of gas. The average for a gallon of gas in Maine is holding at $2.20 per gallon, that's according to the price monitoring website
Maine’s Beer Tax Is The Highest In New England
The tax foundation has released a study that shows that Maine has the highest tax per gallon on beer in New England. Maine has a tax of thirty-five cents per gallon on beer, that ranks Maine #17 nationally on that tax and the highest in New England.
Maine Gas Prices Stable This Week
It looks like the lowering of gas prices are slowing down if not ending. According to, gas prices in Maine, were basically even from last week. The average in Maine is at $2.248 per gallon, down .04 cents from last week.
Maine Gas Prices Slightly Lower This Week
Maine gas prices continued to drop this week, prices statewide dropped two cents per gallon, for an average of $2.25 per gallon. It does look like the prices are almost done dropping as oil prices have stabilized around $45 per barrel.
Maine Gas Prices Lower Again This Week
Gas prices in Maine dropped by 4.5 cents per gallon this week. The statewide average is now at $2.30 a gallon. Nationally, the average was also down just over 4 cents per gallon for an average of $2.29.

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