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The Bee Battle Is Back!
It's the return of B98.5's weekly face off. This is your chance to tell us what you think about two emerging songs, and shape the path of two potential hits. We'll play the winner back Friday at 5.
Hear Tim McGraw Cover Rhinestone Cowboy
the 1970's, no one did pop country finer than Glen Campbell. The hits, the outfits, and the headlines. Minus the tabloid fodder, (well, he's sometimes a target) Tim McGraw has tread a similar path, and stayed near the top for close to 25 years. He and Faith Hill have taken their Soul To Soul tour on…
Titles Arriving On Netflix This Weekend
The 4th Of July forecast is a little iffy in places. So, if you find yourself with a few indoor hours, Netflix has a list of items which are headed to the streaming service this long weekend. Here are some of the highlights:
Choose Your Own Adventures Style TV Coming To Netflix
When was the last time you yelled at the TV? Easy now, we ALL do it. We get involved with the shows we're watching, and advise the characters to act out a certain way. Often when they don't, the inner rage button is pressed a little harder. Us, sitting on the coach know better than the wri…
Netflix Has Changed TV Habits AGAIN
Make no mistake, Netflix has changed the way we consume media. Ten years ago, we were going to Blockbuster less often, and ordering DVD's for mail delivery. Then, as streaming popularized, we weren't even leaving the house to find our favorite (or impulse choice) movies. A few years later, and their…

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